Before we begin to explore how it was that the Gateway Arch was attempting to spread its influence out west, we first have to understand something about the nature of its construction against two things:

  1. The Birth of Masonry on American soil
  2. The Louisiana Purchase.

Why should these things prove necessary? French Masonry is responsible for building the St. Louis arch and we know that because it is both a Masonic piece of architecture and located at St. Louis which was a Saint in the French Church.

Fortunately, a lot of the heavy lifting has been done for us by others who have researched the connections of the Gateway Arch. I would encourage the reader to read the following link carefully:

I am sure that each of you read that link, and you now understand what it means fully, correct? No, probably not. That link is fairly advanced. But you understand that it is showing the night sky in relation to the sun with reference to both the Louisiana Purchase and a fellow by the name of Henry Price.

So, what we really need to do is understand Price to understand the “Price” of Masonry and what it is trying to exact as a toll with the Gateway Arch:

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