So as I documented over at my personal blog, Stripe banned me from payment processing. This blog also uses Stripe since it is “Baked into” the code (the ghost platform template). That’s how they get you.

The short version of my post over at my blog is that Stripe decided that when I went to sell some used books to help support our Church that our Church was “too risky to support” and muttered something about crowdfunding.

Today on Hacker news, there was also this article:
The difference, of course, is that because this article was featured on Hacker News the CEO’s saw it and suddenly decided to apologize and say it was a mistake. You will note, however, that in my interaction with Stripe they say their decision is irreversible.

So, I am working with some other payment processor solutions but until those go through I cannot take any new members to this blog. I am not sure how I will have to integrate whatever solution that is adopted, but there is a good chance I will have to re-do the entire blog as a consequence. This is nothing new to me as I have been de-platformed before and had my ability to make a living interrupted.

If you want to fix all of this and you are a technology person, I can tell you how to do it. Most interactions in life for many people are more like “Yard Sales”. You don’t need a full merchant account to have a yard sale. You might need a license in some places, but if you don’t it is unlikely you are going to be cited. People take cash without any middle man involved, and pay for things with the cash that they desire. Same thing needs to happen with the internet. The payment processors need to be agnostic and amnesiac. Otherwise, this de-platforming shit starts and messes up voices and brands. If you all ready have such a solution, feel free to contact me at jbschirtzinger@theroyalrainbow and let me know about it. I am aware of things like CashApp, but they are not really fully “merchandiser” ready. Bitcoin is a great idea, but eats up a lot of electricity. Some banks allow a person to person payment, and that is better, and if that can be smoothly integrated with shopping carts, well that also makes sense. It isn’t that the technology can’t solve this problem. It is more the issue that some special interest people are basically holding the world hostage through making the approval hoops through the banks almost impossible to negotiate without having to serve Mammon.

So, until this is all lined out, I am going to pause this blog.

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