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The Twelfth House

The Twelfth concerns spiritual matters we all share in common. It is the "current age" in which we live.

The Twelfth House

Our journey here sadly ends in our basic exploration of the houses. (Hey, it was free, so whaddya want?) We end appropriately enough in the House normally ruled by Pisces which governs the feet. So, we started at the head in the First House, and end at the feet in the Twelfth.

What do feet do? Walk. Duh. What do they do astrologically? The Twelfth concerns spiritual matters we all share in common. It is the "current age" in which we live. Anything that shows up in here is hard for us to get to unless we are good at meditating or something similar. Most often, placements here are involved with confinement or institutions or both. Why? Because those are areas where civilization intersects. What does it mean to be hospitalized? What does it mean to be in jail? What does it mean to help run these places? They are institutions--things a civilization depends upon to help meet a need.

Alcatraz rutine
Photo by Carles Rabada / Unsplash

When civilization is not dealing well with something, it shows up for the entire civilization in the Twelfth House. This then is supposed to become a spiritual matter for the society in question. How the society chooses to deal with the situation or does not influences how the spirit of the civilization in question develops.

Put simply, if your feet are not in good condition, you will not be walking all that much. If you cannot walk, quite a bit of life becomes more difficult. Though the feet are at the lowest point on your body, they are also always in contact with the Earth. Without them, you will be having a Very Bad No Good day. The same thing is true of the spirit that "lives" in the Twelfth House.

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