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The Fifth House

The Fifth House in Astrology is ruled by the sign of Leo in a standard chart, and is a very "sunny" place to be.

The Fifth House

So we should be moving up from the Fourth House, and it turns out, WE ARE. The Fifth House in Astrology is ruled by the sign of Leo in a standard chart, and is a very "sunny" place to be.

Photo by Maria Oswalt / Unsplash

Leo is typically seen as romances had for fun, children, creativity, and the individual ego. This house, and the first, are pretty much the entire basis of Western Civilization. It is all about "doing" and "fun" and adventure and me, me, me!

The part of the body Leo concerns, however, is the chest/heart area. So, a well developed ego is supposed to reflect the condition of a developed heart. Bravery is one such property. Love, passion, and so on are other qualities. Of course, if a person turns all these things into a selfish drama, then Leo still fulfills except in a highly Narcissistic way. Then the "Me" becomes a petty tyrant always attempting to get what he/she wants.

It should be noted that when Leo experiences a Solar Eclipse, all of these characteristics are under review. Leo instinctively dislikes darkness and death, as the ego resists these things typically by nature. The sun being blotted out, to Leo, is symbolic of life being blotted out since all life depends on energy from the sun.

If one sees a succession of eclipses in a short time, that is supposed to be a wake up call.

This is a composition I made during the eclipse. It shows the beginning of the eclipse all the way to totality in the center. Each photo was taken about 10 minutes apart. I took these photos at Crooked River Ranch in Oregon. I just happened to find this spot on Google maps. I am very pleased with the outcome. I’m on IG @bryangoffphoto Stop by and say hi!
Photo by Bryan Goff / Unsplash

So now that we have moved up slightly, we should keep on moving up in the next house, right? That makes logical sense...

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