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The Worst Marketing Email Ever

The Worst Email Marketing Ever brought to you by The Royal Rainbow

The Worst Marketing Email Ever
Some of you probably received my email, which is the worst marketing email ever made. The contents read thusly:


Let me start by saying I don't know entirely who is on the list. Some of you were once my friends, and some of you are people I despise. Some are people I have done business with before, and some are people I probably have spoken to in passing once or twice.

I hate google, and I hate the direction technology has taken. Google logs all kinds of information, including each of you. I do not have any of your contact information saved, but Google does.

Nonetheless, like the threads of karma, one never really escapes their past actions or the consequences thereof until one moves forward spiritually. I don't want to reconnect with those of you who I do not care for on this list, but I do understand that if you are still there then there is probably some sort of unfinished business.

On that point, I have a new site I have made. If I don't like you, don't go there. If you have betrayed me, especially do not go there. If you are wondering why you are on this list getting this communication without context, blame google. If you hate astrology or have strong opinions about it, I don't want to hear them.

In essence, this is the worst marketing email you are ever likely to receive. If you don't want to hear from me, odds are I don't want to hear from you. Get rid of Gmail by supporting other solutions.


JB Schirtzinger
The Royal Rainbow

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