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The Royal Rainbow started as a historical serial with an ISSN granted from the Library of Congress. You can see how it looked here.The ISSN shall also apply to what you are currently reading, although the format, for reasons that will be explained, has been changed to a wiki. The ISSN number is 2688-3805.


The gestation of the current incarnation of The Royal Rainbow has a long, fairly complicated history. The original purpose of the previously described serial was to explore historical “facts” and to see if how they stacked up against a unique investigation methodology would demonstrate the truth of the item under investigation. Though the serial was born in 2019, the seeds were planted long before this date. The method of investigation was the consequence of the principal administrator of The Royal Rainbow, nearly dying or actually having died in the year of 1996. Clearly, he did not stay dead, but the experience left him with many questions about what the truth was and how one could go about determining truth. This was long before our current era of “Fake News” and there were those like him who came before him working on their own methodologies and understandings in light of their own experiences.


The Royal Rainbow intends to act as a database of sorts. The database will naturally be the consequence of the methodology employed. Facts here, as they are ascertained, are not likely to be ascertained in the way typical fact-finding is accomplished. The reason this is so, as it will be demonstrated, is because typical fact-finding has excelled at creating an illusory false narrative that has kept humanity more or less trapped. One caveat to what is here being said is that typical fact-finding is by no means necessarily excluded from consideration. Rather, the horizons of how to establish a fact are instead widened so that more data can be parsed in a way that can yield fruitful conclusions. Whereas The Royal Rainbow originally was intended to be historically episodic, the scope was becoming too narrow and the format did not support reciprocal links easily to topics that one needs in order to be able to understand the wormholes that must be navigated to grasp what is or is not a given truth.


Why should this document come into existence at this precise time? In part because all the information gathered needs a place to live, but also because the world is at a critical tipping point where falsehood and fact are colliding at an unprecedented rate. There are some good astrological reasons to explain why this is so, and are, perhaps, the only existing reasons that adequately explain the current climate in which we exist. Where a fact is not genuinely know, it is easy enough to place a disclaimer–but somehow in our present predicament uncertainty rather than a measure of the state of knowledge is seen as a weakness. It seems humanity would rather follow a confident liar than someone who truly states the uncertainty with which an assertion they are making exists in their estimation.

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