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Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln is a guy whose story everyone believes they know. What is not so quickly recalled, however, is that due to aforementioned astrological reasons, Lincoln was a forerunner or an archetype of the Age of Aquarius which is what we are now moving toward. Some keywords that are important in an Aquarian sense are tribe, group, progress, freedom, beliefs, innovation. Unity is certainly among the traits an Aquarius is experiencing. It just so happened that in Abraham Lincoln's case, an entire nation and all of its ills were placed squarely upon his shoulders. What was Lincoln's answer during the ordeal? Mostly freedom and unity. It is true that in order to arrive at this outcome many freedoms were removed. For many, their very lives were removed. When the body is sick, a person can lose an arm or a leg in order to save the rest of the organism. For Lincoln, this was surely so, but the organ that was sick at that point was the institution of slavery. Like a virus, the sick organ attempted to defend itself even if it meant cutting the body in twain. The outcome, as we know, is that the slaves were freed. The outcome for Lincoln, as we known, was that he was martyred for the cause of freedom involving the slaves.

The result of this act was to place Lincoln in the position of martyrdom. Since his death directly involved freeing people from the bondage of slavery and betrayal, the national consciousness placed him in the role of something like a demigod and/or Messiah. Naturally, it placed the assassin in the role of a Judas. These Biblical archetypes go back to the actual personages who first embodied them, as we will later see.

Astrology Chart

Abe Lincoln's Natal Chart

Per our method of inquiry, we shall make some cursory observations of Lincoln's natal chart.

The moon is in Capricorn in the 11th house almost in the 12th house. The 11th house is commonly Aquarius's house. The 12th house is commonly Pisces's house. What is meant by commonly in this instance is that in a typical astrology chart arranged for the Age of Pisces, Pisces appears on the 12th house cusp, Aries on the 1st house cusp, and so on. Therefore, Lincoln's Capricorn moon is going to tend to be fatherly with regard to a nation, tribe or group. As his name is Abraham, we also suspect there could be some similarities of the life with regard to Abraham as the patriarch of the Jewish faith. Since the moon is nearly in the 12th, we know that compassion is going to be an elevated instinct as well. Put together, there is a “compassionate father of a nation” vibe emerging. Of course, Pisces is also notorious for sacrifice, and so we can see how that might manifest looking forward, and completely understand how it manifested looking backward.

When we assay the first house, we notice that Pisces occupies it on the cusp, along with several planets. The sun is technically in the 12th, but we know that that area tends to be Pisces-like in a normal chart. In the first house, we have Pluto and Mercury occupying the area. This means action is going to be driven along the impetus of compassion and sacrifice. Pluto tends to give the person above average power in that domain, and mercury here might mean power in oratory or else action of the mind.

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